How To Get Dragon Eye In Manok Na Pula (Multiplayer)

Players who have an interest in Manok Na Pula Apk want to get the Dragon Eye because it constitutes. You must confront and conquer the Dragon Boss, an evil boss that is disguised throughout the game’s lengths and can be obtained through a challenging mission. It is necessary to have strategic planning, solid collaboration, and tremendous weaponry to complete this boss battle successfully.

How To Get Dragon Eye In Manok Na Pula Multiplayer

As soon as the Dragon Boss has been destroyed, the player has the chance to win the Dragon Eye, which is an exceptionally uncommon piece of equipment. The obtaining of the Dragon Eye is an important achievement in the game, as it can facilitate the player character’s leveling-up procedures in addition to providing additional advantages.

A Detailed Guide to Obtaining the Dragon Eye in Manok Na Pula Apk


Make certain that your character is at a high level so that they can face the trials that lie future. To improve the likelihood of competing, you need to work in tandem with other players to form a powerful team. To enhance your efficiency in a fight, furnish your character with the greatest gear that is at the moment.

Tracking Down the Dragon Warlord

You will need to explore the game globe to locate the Dragon Boss’s lair. To achieve this, you might have to run through challenging dungeons or complete certain tasks.

Combat Planning

To devise a successful strategy for combat, it is necessary to learn about the capabilities and weaknesses of the Dragon Boss. To achieve effective effectiveness in combat, you should assign responsibilities to the individuals on your team, such as tanks, healers, and damage dealers. When you want to take advantage in combat, you must coordinate your assaults and make use of buffs, debuffs, and skills that impact crowds.

Confronting the colossal Boss

It is important to walk towards the lair of the Dragon Boss with precaution and to make sure that your crew is completely ready for the fight. It is important to begin the encounter with proper strategy, keeping in mind the formidable strikes and attributes that the Dragon Boss carries.

Weapon Strategies

Target the Dragon Boss with your assaults while escaping the hideous powers it possesses. Your colleagues will remain alive and able to function across the battle if you arrange their medical attention and support powers. The Dragon Boss or its minions can be temporarily disabled through the use of crowd control consequences, which will provide your team with a benefit.

Vanquishing the Evil Dragon Master

As the conflict increases, maintain your concentration and perseverance while adjusting your strategy. If vital, make use of potions and other refreshments as you keep an eye on the condition as well as assets of your team. A triumph against the Dragon Boss will result in priceless rewards, namely the highly sought-after Dragon Eye, so it is important to maintain your patience and persistence.

The Scramble for the Dragon’s Eye

You should investigate the Dragons Boss’s lair for the Dragon Eye among the spoils of war once you have conquered the Dragon Boss. Acquire the Dragon Eye and rejoice with your companions in the triumph that you have labored so hard to obtain.

Products That Are Connected

Take yourself off the amenities that come with holding the Dragon Eye, which may include accessibility to new regions of the game world, rare treasures, or ernized powers at your command. You might want to think about taking on the Dragon Boss once more in the future so that you can further polish your talents and obtain additional bonuses.


In conclusion, getting the Dragon Eye in Manok Na Pula is no easy feat; it calls for lots of planning, strategy, and talent, but the payoff is well worth the effort. To defeat the terrifying Dragon Boss and win the cash reward, players will need to assemble a solid squad, acquire powerful gear, and plan successful battle tactics.

Achieving level 100 in the game’s story unlocks special skills, rare treasures, and new chances, and the Dragon Eye is a sign of victory. The pursuit of the Dragon Eye is meaningful in and of itself, but it is also about the people you meet, the recollections you make, and the knowledge that you gather on the road.

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